What Will You Do Next Holiday ?

What Will You Do Next Holiday?
Farhan   : "Ridwan! How are you?" Ridwan  : "Hi Farhan! I'm fine, thanks.  Hey holiday is coming, what is your plan on your next holiday?" Farhan   : "I am going to go to the beach with my family." Ridwan  : "Ohh! it's a good idea. Where is beach do you want to go ?" Farhan   : "I am going to Pangandaran beach, but I don't want to go there." Ridwan  : "Why man? It is a beautiful beach, I mean." Farhan   : "Yes you are right. I think it was beautiful. Now, trash is scattered everywhere." Ridwan  : "Just enjoy it and you will happy." Farhan   : "I can't enjoy it if the beach is like that." Ridwan  : "Ohh, I understand what you feel now." Farhan   : "Thanks for your understanding." Ridwan  : "You're welcome, so what your next plan?" Farhan   : "I don't know what I have to do." Ridwan  : "Ohh!! I have …

My Angel

My Angel
         Once upon a time, approximately on Desember 22th or 22th 2017, i'm not too remember it. On that day, I went to a festival that held in Junior High School 2 Bandung, That is where my Junior High School is.
          On that day, I went to the festival by a public transportation, because my mama not allow me to drive my private vehicle. She worried if something bad will happen to me. So, i went there by a public transportation. Accidentally my JHS is quiet far from my house, so I went there earlier.
          The festival began at 10 A.M. until 8 P.M. I was confused, By what i will go back home. Fortunately, my friend, Udin went there by a motorcycle. "Ohh, i can join him to go back home." I say. Because his home is near mine. The festival is very fun, so many people went there to see their favorite artists.
          At 8 P.M. the festival have finished. But, "Ohh nooo!, I'm separated with Udin!". On that time, i was very panic because it h…

Conversation With My New Friend

Meet My New Friend, Farhan*In the school canteen, we accident bump each other*
Ridwan  : "Oh i'm sorry, are you okay ?"
Farhan   : " No problem, it's just my bread. At least i'm fine."
Ridwan  : " Let me buy you another one, i'm hungry too. Let's go!"
Farhan   : " Okay, let's go!"
*Ordering some bread for both of us*
Ridwan  : " By the way, i am Ridwan."
Farhan   : " I am Farhan, nice to meet you. Are you a new student in here ?"
Ridwan  : " Yes, i am a new student in here. What class are you in ?"
Farhan   : " X Science 4, what about you ?"
Ridwan  : " X Science 5, oh you are my neighbor."
Farhan   : " What extracuricular you will join in ?
Ridwan  : " I will join Belitung Muda, It's a football extracuricular, I join it because one of my hobby                    is playing football. By the way, what's your hobby ?"
Farhan   : "  I like playing b…

About me, Mukhamad Ridwan

Hello, guys! My name is Mukhamad Ridwan, you can call me Ridwan. I was born in Bandung, on December 22, 2001. Now i am 15 years old. I lived in Bandung. Definitely at Braga St. number 9/11-C. Now i am the student of 3 Senior High School. . I have 1 sister and 1 brother, so the oven member of my family are 5 people. Yesterday, now, tomorrow, and forever I will always love them.

First, i want to tell you about my father. His name is Bambang Setyono. He is a kind man because he is never mad at me however i make a mistakes that maybe make him broken heart. But now, i really lost him. Now he is in the heaven. For me he is a strongest and passionest man i have ever met. I really love him.

Next, i want to tell you about my mother. Her name is Nurbaeti Akhyar. She was born in Bandung. Now i live with her. She is nice, wise, and kind. If i make mistake she will mad at me, i know she did it all because she is really-really love me. She is an amazing and strongest woman i have ever met. Because,…